Joe March
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bio: As the population grows older, more and more men of a certain age find themselves primary caregivers for a partner suddenly facing debilitating health challenges. In fact, research shows that women are three times more likely than men to face the gradual decline of dementia into Alzheimers disease or other cognitive impairments. So, men are finding themselves faced with many new responsibilities and, many men are finding themselves in the kitchen not sure what to do. If this is you, I know what you're facing and I can help. First, you should know I am not a professionally trained chef. I’m a home cook who's had a lot of practice preparing meals for my family and friends. I learned to cook in my own home kitchen one recipe at a time after work each day over 25 years. After decades rushing home to get dinner on, I know I have something useful to share with people just like me who find themselves faced with a sudden need to get chopping. Whether you’ve developed a sudden urge to kick in more in the kitchen or, something more serious has happened at home putting you in charge of the stove, I can help you get cooking tonight. I've collected hundreds of easy to prepare, nutritious and delicious recipes. They're all simple and straightforward and support health and wellness. I’m posting them here along with what I call ‘Veteran Moves’… techniques you can learn to make life in the kitchen more enjoyable. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

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