Sheet Pan Pineapple Salmon Fajita

Sheet Pan Pineapple Salmon Fajitas are another tried and tested all-in-one sheet pan meal that is easy to prepare and produces impressive results. Served as is, on cooked white rice or in pre-warmed tortillas ‘fajita-style’, this week night dinner dish comes together very quickly and looks as good on the plate as it tastes on your fork.

Tuscan Butter Salmon

Somewhere in 2018 I discovered Tuscan Butter Sauce. It’s an amazing combination of butter, garlic, herbs, spinach and cream.  I’ve cooked chicken, in it.  I’ve cooked gnocchi in it. And, most successful, I’ve cooked salmon in Tuscan Butter Sauce. It’s never let me down and it’s been a hit with company as well as family.…